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permanganate index intelligent analysis workstation


brand:shanghai jingxin

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introduction:permanganate index intelligent analysis workstation,humanized interface design, the process responds and records immediately; "one-key detection", unattended, in different experimental stages,

product introduction:

the jx-g7056 permanganate index intelligent analysis workstation is designed in full accordance with national standards, and the entire measurement process fully meets the standard requirements. humanized interface design, the process responds and records immediately; "one-key detection", unattended, in different experimental stages, automatic completion of liquid addition, heating, titration; analysis results are directly output. real-time upload of detection data, scientific and improved experimental management, and lims connection.

the process of "digestion-titration" is automatically completed by the instrument, and the operation is integrated.

digestion: the sample was heated by potassium permanganate sulfuric acid/sodium hydroxide solution for 30 minutes;

titration: after the digestion, the excess sodium oxalate is dripped back with potassium permanganate in a constant temperature environment of 80°c (can be set); the titration end point is judged according to the color change;

instrument operation:

*including sample digestion, the whole process is automated: automatic sample identification, grabbing, automatic addition of reagents, automatic sample digestion, automatic titration, and automatic return of the sample after the measurement;

*automatic cleaning of the pipeline: according to the requirements of the experiment, the experimenter can choose the pipeline self-cleaning program, and the instrument will automatically perform automatic cleaning and rinsing of all liquid pipelines before starting the sample analysis;

*blank automatic titration and solution concentration automatic calibration;

* automatic calculation of results, automatic evaluation of quality control;

* after the measurement is completed, the data can be directly exported, such as excel or data picture format;

* when the measurement is over, it will automatically enter the standby state, which can realize remote control.

main advantages:

1. one-key detection, mixed measurement by acid-base method, adjustable titration temperature, adjustable water bath time, reagent warning function.

2. avoid direct contact between the operator and strong oxidants such as sulfuric acid and potassium permanganate. perform titration at a constant temperature to ensure the accuracy of the data.

3. the bionic color recognition technology judges the end point of titration, simulates the recognition of color changes by the human eye, and the recognition rate is much higher than that of the human eye.

4. the batch sample information is automatically imported into the measurement process, and the sample sample status indication is added. lims system connection.

applicable standard:

gb/t 11892-1989 water quality determination of permanganate index;

gb 17378.4-2007 ocean monitoring specification part 4: seawater analysis;

gb/t 5750.7-2006 standard test method for drinking water, comprehensive index of organic matter;

gb/t 15456-2008 determination of cod in industrial circulating cooling water potassium permanganate method;

hj/t 100-2003 technical requirements for automatic water quality analyzer for permanganate index.

main parameters

parameters range

56-bit sample tray

measuring range:


rsd<3.5%, glucose standard solution with concentration of 4mg/l (n=5)

the detection limit:


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