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portable centrifuge


brand:shanghai jingxin

specifications :set

introduction:in order to promote and improve the construction of the national surface water monitoring technology system and standardize the technical requirements for surface water total phosphorus monitoring,

product description:

in order to promote and improve the construction of the national surface water monitoring technology system and standardize the technical requirements for total phosphorus monitoring in surface water, the jx-l02 on-site portable centrifuge is developed according to the requirements of the china environmental monitoring station, and meets the requirements of "hj91.2-2022 surface water environmental quality monitoring technical specifications" 》appendix a the document parameter requirements for the pretreatment method of the surface water total phosphorus monitoring site (maximum speed ≥2000r/min, set centrifugation time ≥1min, single centrifugal water sample ≥1l). the turbidity of water quality has three indicators (less than 200, between 200-500, and greater than 500), and the speed setting range is 0-2500rpm. among them, the ntu>200 in the tidal-sensitive reaches and the ntu>500 in the non-tidal-sensitive reaches need to be centrifuged on site.

scope of application: field monitoring of total phosphorus in manual monitoring of environmental quality of surface water (rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc.).

 note: the instrument is subject to the actual picture

product advantages:

small size, portable design, low power consumption, suitable for portable mobile power supply, easy to operate on site.

simple operation, one-button operation, maintenance-free.

the whole machine adopts ergonomic design, and the appearance is beautiful.

the unique cavity design, the overall structure is thick and reliable, the automatic ventilation and circulation system is designed outside the cavity, and the circuit boards are all suspended, which has a good moisture-proof effect.

the centrifugal cavity and the cover air duct form a circulating air duct system, so that the entire cavity, motor and other components maintain an excellent heat dissipation effect, and improve the stability and high reliability of the whole machine.

the air duct structure adopts the original semi-circular arc-shaped special point structure to achieve the best heat dissipation and heat transfer effect.

the interior adopts the original composite multi-layer environmentally friendly high-density material, which has a strong sound insulation and heat insulation effect.

the best triangular balance point is firmly fixed on the bottom of the motor, which makes the whole system run smoothly, with high reliability and high stability.


the main parameters

parameter range



speed setting range


speed increment


relative centrifugal force


maximum capacity


speed accuracy


time setting


machine noise






power supply

ac 22v 50hz

timing speed control function


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